Freedom Of Speech Doesn’t Make You Less of An Ass

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I have taught my son growing up (and he hates this expression) “everything you do or say affects others around you.”   I understand “Freedom of Speech” but that doesn’t make you less of an ass for abusing that right.  What I mean about that is :just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” (a quote from the book Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon)

Everyone does have the right to their own opinion, their own ideas etc. but they don’t have the right to be a jerk about it.  Use your head, use your common sense, people have feelings.  I’m sure your feelings have been hurt at some point in your life.  Think before you speak.  If I said everything that came into my head I’d probably be burned at the stake.  Do they still do that?  Anyway you get it.

You know you see people riding in disabled carts at the store.  First thing I notice is a person will “inspect” them and make a decision upon what they “see” that person “can’t be disabled” they look just fine, or, “well if they’d lose some weight maybe they could walk”…ok that one pisses me off more than you can imagine.  That is a whole different topic.


This is me, Chronic Gal….now making a snap judgement I look fine and healthy don’t I?  But if you see me with a cane or using a wheelchair because I LOOK good that means you can say to me out loud “Well maybe if you exercise more, or go back to work or……….”  Really?!  Your Freedom of Speech just set me back mentally about a week of feeling hurt and start questioning myself.  Freedom of Speech does NOT give you the right to be an ass!

I just ask, think,……..before……….you speak…..will what you say possibly hurt someone?  Being truthful, honest or exercise your right to open your mouth…comes with some sense of responsibility and common sense on your part.  I hear all the time “I don’t care, I can say what the fuck I want” or when asked why they can say that “because I can its my right, my freedom of speech”  :::::rolls my eyes::::: whatever….people need to learn some tact.  I guess I am “old school” when it comes to manners.

Tact you can click the link and learn about what it means (if you don’t already) hey, not being a smartass I’ve learned that many of our younger youth have no clue.

Alright, I’m done preaching.  I am all about Freedom of Speech I would just like people to take a step back and consider if what they feel they need to say will make a difference in the world or may someone’s world hurtful.

Peace Love & Light







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