Disability Help



When I realized I needed to file for Disability I had no clue where to start, who to trust or even where to begin.  I learned that it is never wise to try to file your disability claim by yourself.  I am a strong advocate on having representation.  You are already stressed enough as it is even considering filing and your life is no longer your own because our disability is bearing down on you and I am sure if you are filing you are not working or can barely get to work.  I know, I’ve been there….am still there.

I would like to introduce you to the company that fought very hard for me and made my life a lot less stressful during an already stressed out time.  I am not a representative of the company, just someone who is very grateful for their help not only for me but my husband as well who suffers from COPD and Advanced stages of Arthritis and Cardiac issues.

ALLSUP is a Social Security Disability Representation Medicare Plan Selection Service.  That is a mouthful and just means they will help you every step of the way in filing your claim should you qualify and fights to the very end for you.  There is no fee, the consultation is free.  You have nothing to lose by checking them out and giving them a call.  They were a miracle in a world of insanity for myself and husband.  Good Luck!


aka Jamie Volner, Tucson, Arizona – 520-307-8569


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